Sarel Borman wrote:

``Previously I was disappointed with fat bulls that I purchased. They battle to cope in my extensive farming conditions and literally melt away during the very first mating season. With my Proveld-tested bulls the picture is totally different. They immediately adapted in my herd and to my farming conditions. As a matter of fact, their condition actually improved and after the first summer rains they really flourished. I was particularly impressed with the bulls’ fitness . They have exceptional walking ability and remain hard-working throughout the mating season. Truly bulls with outstanding libido. Since I have been using Proveld bulls the pregnancy rate of my cows has been excellent . I believe that the key to any profitable cattle farming enterprise lies in fertile, adaptable cows and I am convinced that Proveld bulls is an essential part of this recipe for success. They provide the genes required to farm economically and with less input costs. I cannot wait for the first heifers from my Proveld bulls to come into production.``

Japie wrote:

``I have been farming on my farm outside Bray for 12 years now, and for the last number of years am very happy with my Bonsmaras. My bulls were all bought from Proveld and I am really satisfied with them. These bulls adapted to my farm very quickly and begin working immediately, they are fit, exeptionally fertile and full of life. I believe that the Proveld system under which the bulls are selected, raised and tested on the veld is the key to their success. Each Bonsmara herd has a certain percentage animals that convert grass into meat better than others, and these breeders manage to identify those animals. In short, one can say that they select the best of the best!``