Lot 2 – Proveld 10 June auction



V1660 in motion, showing off his easy, smooth gait and all of the traits you’d expect from a stud bull. The package is complimented by his excellent performance figures and exceptional breeding values. Add to this outstanding fertility in his dam-lines: the average ICP of his dam and two great-dams is 373 days! He will be on offer as Lot 2 at the Proveld Bonsmara sale of the 10th of June at the Vryburg Show Grounds.




V16-060 (Lot 2), is a son of V12-268 of which Skatkis Bonsmaras, J.P. Du Preez, Leonliza, Frans van den Berg Trust, Paul Mare and Diepfontein Trust are co-owners / users.
Apart from VV07-012, which is his great-grandfather, Lot 2 was bred pure Kalkveld and unrelated to most herds. His mother V12-274, calves at 2 years in winter and then every year in winter. Her mother, V07-403, is still in the herd. Although V16-060 test negative for double muscle testing, he carries the ideal muscle. In addition, he has good balance, depth and capacity. His masculinity and shift despondency impress. All this on good claws !!